I N I Roots N Culture is an independent media outlet and retail business that centers on reggae and Rastafari culture. With over a decade of experience in documenting activities in Caribbean, African American, and Latino communities, those we reach via our audio-visual platform are sure to enjoy a high-quality cultural immersion experience.

At I N I, our love of reggae culture runs deep: the food, the dances, the vibes, the atmosphere at concerts and events. Reggae uplifts the soul and brings people together from all walks of life to connect, grow, and celebrate the goodness of humanity. I N I celebrates the beauty of diversity in all cultures, and we want to spread the message that all are welcome within the world of reggae.

We also believe in the importance of understanding social and political issues and becoming engaged in activism work. We interview reggae artists, documenting their insights into reggae music, views on world issues, and their highest visions for the future of humankind. I N I also sells apparel that promotes an awareness of these issues in the hopes of inspiring independent thinking and right action that can create a better world for all.